For Our Veterans...
At the Lonesome Dove Rescue we are very proud of our veterans, we will gladly assist you in finding the pet or a horse of your dreams.  

We offer a reduced adoption fees for veterans.  Contact us if you are looking for a therapy animal.

Rescue animals have been known to become the most devoted pets.

 Above: The Batzel family comes to visit every 8 weeks or so.  On this day, their granddaughter got her first ride, on Tuff!

This rescue horse won at a local horse show-

        Grand Champion Halter! 

Vinnie, below, an Akbash, is camera shy!

Even when we are full we are able to help place many animals. It may be a bit unconventional, but we find homes for many animals this way.  We always have a list of people looking for a new animal!

      Now, THAT'S A FACE!   


Won't you join us? Everyday we all see people are in need. At the Lonesome Dove Rescue we're not about reporting people, we're about spreading the seeds of compassion through out the country. We can always use some help... so can many others. Why not let a bale fall off your truck in the driveway where a family is struggling to feed their horse. Or, stop and put the dog back in the yard when it's gotten out. Maybe help someone fix a fence or fill a water tank. You'll feel better helping someone rather than reporting them. And who knows... you might just find a new best friend! Are you able to help?

Lonesome Dove Rescue             Kiowa, Colorado                       303-621-1102

Come kick it with us at LDR!  We always have a lot going on!  

We Are A Different Kind Of Rescue!

We are not a shelter. 

At the Lonesome Dove Rescue our goal is to place our animals into a new home!

We will never kill an animal to make room for another, nor turn them over to those who would kill them.  

Many shelters bring in court ordered animals and are forced into killing the very animals they were saving, in order to make room for more.

Is it in your heart to support a rescue that saves lives and helps people get back on their feet?


 Adopting from Lonesome Dove Rescue is just more fun! 

We encourage you to interact with adoptable animals just as you would at your own home.

Come out to Kiowa, Colorado...

you could meet and play with your new horse, dog or cat!

Your Donations are Tax Deductible! 

  "Shindig, you are forever in my heart!"

Toby Chappel, President LDR

The Lonesome Dove Rescue will never sell a rescued  animal through auction.   The LDR will sell surplus supplies, tack and donated items through auction, and turn the funds received to purchase items needed  to suport the rescue.
Animals will remain with the LDR / LDR foster until adopted.

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